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During the Mid Century Modern period – also called the PostWar period (roughly 1945-1960) – designers predicted the shape of things to come. Designers, artists and architects revolutionized design and we still benefit from their imaginations today. The Mid Century Modern movement spawned the popularly accepted image of the atomic age we now live in. When we look to the past we can find our future. Although some of the ideas were far fetched – others were not so: talking cars, electrified homes, automated cooking and computers are all a part of daily life.

There are girls just ripe for the kissing…
And Cadillacs all shiny and new.
Life’s a Ball if only you know it.
We’ve gotta a Lotta Living to do.”

* Lyrics from “Gotta Lotta Living to Do” from the 1960 Broadway Show Bye Bye Birdie Music by Charles Strouse and Lyrics by Lee Adams

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Lounge, Googie, Polynesia and classic Americana have stood the test of time and have all seen a Renaissance recently. T.V. commercials are filled with postwar images. NBC’s Fraiser has an Eames chair in his living room and Target ads feature George Nelson – esque clocks. Vintage clothing has been incorporated into everyday wear.

Lotta Living is your source for Mid Century Modern Lifestyle, Design, Art, Furniture and Architecture. It links you to a golden era where Hollywood fulfills our dreams on the silver screen, where you can order an “Old Fashioned” at a swank red booth restaurant and where home still is a palace of Modern luxury and conveniences. Lotta Living explores design, architecture and related fields which reflect Modernism along with 20th Century kitsch popular culture that have been ingrained in our cultural memory and make them relevant for today and tomorrow.

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